Costume design

Professional career always linked to the field of performing arts

My professional career has always been linked to the field of performing arts. Since I graduated I have developed many costume design projects for theater, dance and cinema.

I have worked both in the Principality and abroad, in productions of the Andorran National Scene, Andorra Lírica, Líquio Dansa, Inminene Productions, Red Nose Productions or Cía La Monto. It is also worth mentioning the work of research and recovery of traditional clothing for different cultural entities of folk dance. I have also collaborated as a habilleuse with the Cía Chicos Mambo and the Ballet de Nice on the occasions that they have visited the Principality of Andorra.

One of my most ambitious recent projects has been the costume design for the feature film "El fred que crema-The burning cold", set in Andorra in 1943.

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